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  • Scope of Practice

    acute and chronic conditions

    Cardio Vascular Deseases & Conditions
    Joint and Bone Health
    Metabolic & Hormonal Disturbances
  • Family Physician

    Medical Practitioner

    Care for the Whole Family
    General & Insurance Medical Examinations
    Laboratory Testing and Special Investigations
    Guided Specialist Referrals
  • Registered Dietician

    complete nutritional guidance

    Individualised Dietry Advice
    Specialised Testing

Diagnose and Manage your medical conditions and health concerns, through comprehensive physical, psychological, pharmacological and nutritional advice and treatment!


Registered General Practitioner

Dr. MM Smuts - Reg No. MP0373249

Registered Dietetic Practitioner

Dr. MM Rautenbach - Reg No. DT0001198

Family Physician

Complete family health care

Individual Dietry Management

Specialised diets for all age groups